On3 Flex Track 25 pieces

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This Code 100 Flex Track uses our copyrighted center connection for the ties.

This method allows for a smooth radius and even tie spacing, a much smoother and kink free curving of the track.

There is no plastic connection between the ties under the rail. This allows for realistic space between the bottom of the rail and the top of the ballast.

Of course the track was made to match our pioneering code #100 number 6 switches.

Designed with extra rail on each end to allow trim on each rail as it grows or shrinks as you bend the track.

You will not need to trim any ties and it gives you the entire piece of track to use.

Additionally when ballasted (which covers the center connection) the ballast can leave an open space under the rail, giving the washed out ballast look.

Flex Track will match our Code 100 # 6 Switches. Track is 1 meter long or 39.3 inches.